Varnish Restoration

We specialize in restoring marine woodwork that have been ruined by the sun and sea. Let us strip the existing finish and bring life back to your teak trim. Generally, this involves removing the existing finish with heat guns and scrapers, then sanding all of the remaining varnish away to bring back that natural color of the wood. A minimum of 10 coats of high gloss UV varnish is applied to stand up to the sun's UV rays and to make your boat's trim look like it is fresh from the show room.

We use these products, and others, regularly:

-Epifanes Gloss Varnish

-Cetol Natural Teak and Cetol Gloss

-Petit Flagship Varnish

-Awlspar Varnish

-AwlBrite 2 Part Varnish

-Epifanes 2 Part Polyurethane, Clear Gloss

-Epifanes Woodfinish Matte

No matter what finish is applied, brightwork will periodically need fresh coats to maintain gloss and UV protection. Most finishes need yearly maintenance to prevent the varnish from having to be removed and built back up to a high gloss again. Weather providing, this can generally be completed in a relatively short amount of time and keep your boat out on the water and looking her best. We provide detailed estimates of the process so there will be no surprises of the duration of the project or cost.


The typical project consists of:

-Hardware removal

-Tape off


-3 maintenance coats

-Tape removal and clean up

Varnish Maintenance

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