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Moana Brightwork Marine Varnishing and Woodworking

Serving the San Francisco Bay Area

Artisan Wood Finishing

The traditional art of varnish is still alive! With complete attention to detail Moana Brightwork can keep your brightwork glossy and new. There is nothing that sets a yacht off more than fresh coats of varnish. We are experienced with a wide variety of products to get you the best and longest lasting finish possible. Let us lay down some maintenance coats to keep your wood trim looking its best. Whether you have a superyacht, canoe, powerboat, or cruising boat, we can take care of all of your exterior and interior finishing needs.

Wood Restoration

Has it been too long since your last coats of varnish? Not a problem. We can bring that dead and gray wood back to life. Whether your handrails have been burned all the way through by the sun or the helm has lost its luster, we can bring it back to yacht show quality. It's not too far gone, let us make your boat really stand out on the docks.

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